Seed Bead Class  Wednesday 6 – 8 p.m.

Wire Class            Thrusday, 6 – 8 p.m.

Are you a BEAD HAPPY CLUB Member?

Jan 1        New Year’s Day      Closed

Jan 2        Celebrate!

Jan 4        Seed Bead Class     Daisy Chain

Jan 5        Wire Class               Wrapped Cab

Jan 11      Seed Bead Class     Circular peyote

Jan 12      Wire Class               Crystal Wrap

Jan 16      MLKing Day             Winter Sale

Jan 18      Seed Bead Class     Beaded Spiral

Jan 19      Wire Class               Heart Necklace

Jan 25      Seed Bead Class     Square stitch

Jan 26      Wire Class               Wrapped Key

Jan 28      Weekend Project 1- 3 p.m. DiaDuo

Feb 1       Seed Bead Class     Netting

Feb 2       Wire Class               Swarovski Heart

Feb 8       Seed Bead Class     Peyote

Feb 9       Wire Class              Heart Spiral Wrap

Feb 13     Winter Sale

Feb 14     Valentine’s Day

Feb 15     Seed Bead Class    Loom Stitch

Feb 16     Wire Class              Butterfly Bracelet

Feb 18     Weekend Project 1- 3 p.m.  AVA

Feb 20     President’s Day

Feb 22     Seed Bead Class Right-Angle Weave

Feb 23     Polymer Day Class 1 – 3 p.m.

Feb 23     Wire Class               Helm’s weave

Mar 1      Seed Bead Class     Brick Stitch

Mar 2      Wire Class      Caged Gem Necklace

Mar 8      Seed Bead Class      Herringbone

Mar 9      Wire Class

Mar 13    End of Winter Sale

Mar 15    Seed Bead Class     Pearl Knotting

Mar 16    Wire Class       Sm Gem Drop Earring

Mar 22    Seed Bead Class     Helix Spiral

Mar 23    Wire Class    Freeform Gem Bracelet

Mar 25    Weekend Proj 1- 3 p.m.  Peyote Box

Mar 29    Seed Bead          St Petersburg Stitch

Mar 30    Wire Class               Square wire ring

Apr 1       April Fool’s Day       What Surprise?

Apr 7-8    Convention

Apr 10     Spring Sale

Apr 12     Seed Bead Class     Fret stitch

Apr 13     Wire Class    Sq. Byzantine Bracelet

Apr 16     Easter                      Closed

Apr 19     Seed Bead Class     AF. Back Stitch

Apr 20     Wire Class               Wire crochet

Apr 22     Weekend Project 1- 3 p.m.  Leather

Apr 26     Seed Bead Class    Herringbone tube

Apr 27     King Day Sale

Apr 27     Wire Class               Chain Maille

May 3      Seed Bead Class     Chevron Stitch

May 4      Wire Class               Aluminum

May 10    Seed Bead Class     Seed Bead Bezel

May 11    Wire Class               Charm Bracelet

May 14    Mother’s Day          Closed

May 15    Spring Fling Sale

May 17    Seed Bead Class     Mandella

May 18    Wire Class    Squiggle Gem Necklace

May 18    Polymer Day Class 1 – 3 p.m.

May 20    Weekend Proj 1- 3 p.m. Peyote Brac

May 24    Seed Bead Class     Dutch Spiral

May 25    Wire Class               Cabochon Ring

May 29    Memorial Day         Closed

May 31    Seed Bead Class     Net Necklace

June 1      Wire Class      Brick Stitch Gem Focal

June 7      Seed Bead Class     Flat Spiral

June 8      Wire Class               Viking Weave

June 10    Weekend Project 1- 3 p.m. Anklet

June 12    Summer Sale

June 14    Seed Bead Class     Hallow Bead

June 15    Wire Class               French flowers

June 18    Father’s Day            Closed

June 21    Seed Bead Class     Lane Stitch

June 22    Wire Class               3-D Leaves

June 28    Seed Bead Class     Russian Leaves

June 29    Wire Class              Chain Maille

July 3-4    Independence Day Closed

July 10     Sunshine Sale

July 12     Seed Bead Class    Peyote tube/core

July 13     Wire Class               Steam punk

July 15     Weekend Proj 1- 3 p.m. Cross Stitch

July 19     Seed Bead Class     Crochet / beads

July 20     Polymer Day Class 1 – 3 p.m.

July 20     Wire Class        Hammered Earrings

& Large focal bead soldered bangle

July 24     State Day                Party!

July 26     Sidewalk Sale

July 26     Seed Bead Class Freeform Applique

July 27     Wire Class               Frame pendant

Aug 2       Seed Bead Class     Russian spiral

Aug 3       Wire Class               IM Spiral

Aug 9       Seed Bead Class     Chenille

Aug 10     Wire Class           Cabochon Bracelet

Aug 14     Back to School Sale

Aug 16     Seed Bead Class     Bead Soup

Aug 17     Wire Class               Gemstone Spiral

Aug 19     Weekend Proj 1- 3 p.m.Bead Wrap

Aug 23     Seed Bead Class     Captured bead

Aug 24     Wire Class               NH Wrap

Aug 30     Seed Bead Class  Odd Count Peyote

Aug 31     Wire Class               Chain Maille

Sept 4      Labor Day                Closed

Sept 6      Seed Bead Class  Bead-tip Stringing

Sept 7      Wire Class     Gem Studded Pendant

Sept 11    Fall Sale

Sept 13    Seed Bead Class  Anemone Bracelet

Sept 14    Wire Class             Oval Earring wrap

Sept 16    Weekend Proj 1- 3 p.m.

Embellished Bracelet

Sept 20    Seed Bead Class  Herringbone Spiral

Sept 21    Wire Class        Woven Nest pendant

Sept 21    Polymer Day Class 1 – 3 p.m.

Sept 27-28 no classes

Oct          Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 4       Seed Bead Class  Embellished beads

Oct 5       Wire Class               Chain Maille

Oct 9       Columbus Day Sale

Oct 13-14     Convention

Oct 18     Seed Bead Class     Cellini Spiral

Oct 19     Wire Class               Spider web

Oct 25     Seed Bead Class     Kumihimo

Oct 26     Wire Class         Wrapped Cabochon

Oct 31     Halloween Party and Sale

Nov 1       Seed Bead Class     Christmas Ball

Nov 2       Wire Class       Woven Wrapped Cab

Nov 8       Seed Bead Class  Christmas Bracelet

NOV 9     Wire Class               Wire Angels

Nov 11         Veteran’s Day         Military I.D. Sale

Nov 15     Seed Bead Class     Ornament

Nov 16     Wire Class               Chain Maille

Nov 18     Wkd Proj. 1- 3 p.m. Micro Macrame

Nov 20     Thanksgiving Sale

Nov 23     Thanksgiving           Closed

Nov 24     Black Friday Sale

Nov 25     Black Friday 2 day sale

Nov 29     Seed Bead Class Christmas Necklace

Nov 30     Wire Class           Large Link Necklace

Dec 2       Weekend Project 1- 3 p.m. Sparkle

Dec 6       Seed Bead Class Christmas Earrings

Dec 7       Wire Class               Copper Earrings

Dec 8-9    Jeanne’s Jewelry Sale

Dec 12     12 Days of Christmas Sale

Dec 13     Seed Bead Class  Christmas Bracelet

Dec 14     Wire Class               Chain earrings

Dec 20     Seed Bead Class  Christmas Earrings

Dec 21     Wire Class               Painted metal

Dec 25     Christmas                Closed

Dec 26     Day after Christmas Sale

Dec 27     Seed Bead Class     Double Spiral

Dec 28     Wire Class               Bezel Bracelet

Jan 1         New Year’s Day       Celebrate!


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