Seed Bead Class  Wednesday 6 – 8 p.m.

Wire Class            Thrusday, 6 – 8 p.m.

Are you a BEAD HAPPY CLUB Member?

Jan 1        New Year’s Day      Closed

Jan 3        Seed Bead Class     Leather Book

Jan 4        Wire Class               Boot Bracelet

Jan 10      Seed Bead Class     New Bead Book

Jan 11      Wire Class Hammered Drops Neck.

Jan 15      MLKing Day Winter Sale

Jan 17      Seed Bead Class        Mala Necklace

Jan 18      Wire Class         New Chain Maille Bk

Jan 24      Seed Bead Class         Lace Necklace

Jan 25      Wire Class                   Basic Earrings

Jan 31      Seed Bead Class    Peyote Hearts (1)


Feb 1       Wire Class          Wrapped Cab Heart

Feb 7       Seed Bead Class    Peyote Hearts (2)

Feb 8       Wire Class                      NH Pendant

Feb 14     Valentine’s Day                    No Class

Feb 14     Seed Bead Class          Stmn Bracelet

Feb 15     Wire Class                                  Rings

Feb 19     President’s Day Sale

Feb 21     Seed Bead Class       BdSm Bracelet

Feb 22     Wire Class                        Bonsai Tree

Feb 28     Seed Bead           Sandy’s Pattern (1)


Mar 1      Wire Class          Embellished Square

Mar 7      Seed Bead            Sandy’s Pattern (2)

Mar 8      Wire Class     CBS crys-chain-leather

Mar 12    End of Winter Sale

Mar 14    Seed Bead Class      Amulet Bag (1)

Mar 15    Wire Class                              NH Ring

Mar 17     St. Pat’s Day

Mar 21    Seed Bead Class      Amulet Bag (2)

Mar 22    Wire Class         Wrapped cabochen

Mar 28    Seed Bead                   Ptmn  Braclet

Mar 29    Wire Class        Inner Scroll Pendant


Apr 1       Easter/April Fool’s Day

Apr 4       Seed Bead Class                     CRAW

Apr 5       Wire Class   Wire  Jumpring Bracelet

Apr 9       Spring Sale

Apr 11     Seed Bead Class                    No Class

Apr 12     Wire Class                              No Class

Apr 18     Seed Bead                             Chan Luu

Apr 19     Wire Class      Black Drop Accu Neck.

Apr 25     Seed Bead Class          Kalidacycle (1)

Apr 26     Wire Class                               Pandora

Apr 27     King Day Sale


May 2      Seed Bead Class          Kalidacycle (2)

May 3      Wire Class               New Bead Book

May 7      Spring Fling Sale

May 9      Seed Bead Class             Flag Bracelet

May 10    Wire Class                                Anklet

May 13    Mother’s Day                           Closed

May 16    Seed Bead Class                      Anklet

May 17    Wire Class      Byzantine Chainmaille

May 23    Seed Bead             Soutache Pendant

May 24    Wire Class         Wrapped Bead Focal

May 28    Memorial Day                          Closed

May 30    Seed Bead Class    Knotted Necklace

May 31    Wire Class               Charm Bracelet


June 6      Seed Bead Class                   No class

June 7      Wire Class                        Suncatcher

June 11    Summer Sale

June 13    Seed Bead          Rivoli Bead Bracelet

June 14    Wire Class       Multi Strand Bracelet

June 17    Father’s Day                             Closed

June 20    Seed Bead      2.5mm Swar. Earrings

June 21    Wire Class                       NH Earrings

June 27    Seed Bead Class                        Resin

June 28    Wire Class              Multi Curl Neck.


July 4       Independence Day                 Closed

July 5       Wire Class                  New Wire Book

July 9       Sunshine Sale

July 11     Seed Bead Class          Beaded Drops

July 12     Wire Class                       GIA project

July 18    Sidewalk Sale

July 18     Seed Bead Class                       Loom

July 19     Wire Class                        NH Pendant

July 24     State Day

July 25     Seed Bead Class           3-D sculpture

July 26     Wire Class                                      Owl


Aug 1       Seed Bead Class                 Applique

Aug 2       Wire Class          Chandelier Earrings

Aug 8       Seed Bead       Cord Peyote Bracelet

Aug 9       Wire Class                                   Rings

Aug 13     Back to School Sale

Aug 15     Seed Bead Class              Kumihimo

Aug 16     Wire Class         Donut Leather Neck.

Aug 22     Seed Bead Class     Choker Necklace

Aug 23     Wire Class  Copper Flower Necklace

Aug 29     Seed Bead Class                New Book

Aug 30     Wire Class      Egyptian Coil Bracelet


Sept 3      Labor Day                                Closed

Sept 5      Seed Bead                              No Class

Sept 6      Wire Class                              No Class

Sept 10    Fall Sale

Sept 12    Seed Bead Class      Muulti Strand N.

Sept 13    Wire Class                 Tooled Bracelet

Sept 19    Seed Bead          FG Crystal Necklace

Sept 20    Wire Class          Wrapped Cabochon

Sept 26    Seed Bead          Brick Stitch Earrings

Sept 27    Wire Class                                 Spiders


Oct          Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 3       Seed Bead         Halloween Bracelet

Oct 4       Wire Class                          New Book

Oct 8       Columbus Day Fall Sale

Oct 10     Seed Bead Class         Fall Brickstitch

Oct 11     Wire Class                Wrapped Donut

Oct 17     Seed Bead                  Peyote Star (1)

Oct 18     Wire Class                  Wrapped Bead

Oct 24     Seed Bead Class        Peyote Star (2)

Oct 25     Wire Class                  Holiday Spoons

Oct 31     Seed Bead Class         Ball Ornament

Oct 31     Halloween Sale


Nov 1       Wire Class            Jig Wire Ornament

Nov 7       Seed Bead Class             Felt Bracelet

Nov 8       Wire Class Gem squiggle neck moon

Nov 12     Veteran’s Day         Military I.D. Sale

Nov 14     Seed Bead        Christmas Brickstitch

Nov 15     Wire Class     Wire wrapped Earrings

Nov 19     Thanksgiving Sale

Nov 22     Thanksgiving                            Closed

Nov 23     Black Friday Sale

Nov 24     Black Friday 2 day sale

Nov 28     Seed Bead     Christmas Necklace (1)

Nov 29     Wire Class          Round Link Bracelet


Dec 5       Seed Bead Class                 New Book

Dec 6       Wire Class     Peas in a pod Necklace

Dec 7-8    Jeanne’s Jewelry Sale

Dec 12     Seed Bead            Christmas Bracelet

Dec 13     Wire Class                Dangle Necklace

Dec 13     12 Days of Christmas Sale

Dec 19     Seed Bead Class        Crystal Bracelet

Dec 20     Wire Class                   Wrapped Nail

Dec 25     Christmas                                 Closed

Dec 26     Day after Christmas Sale

Dec 26     Seed Bead Class       Beaded Brooch

Dec 27     Wire Class  Wire Wrapped  Dangles

Jan 1         New Year’s Day


Be sure to check out the coupon page!



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