Seed Bead Class  Wednesday 4 – 6 p.m.

Wire Class            Thrusday, 6 – 8 p.m.

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an 1        New Year’s Day      Closed

Jan 2        Seed Bead Class       Beaded Brooch

Jan 3        Wire Class           Dragonfly Necklace

Jan 9        Seed Bead Class     Ruby Bracelet

Jan 10      Wire Class            Aluminum Jewelry

Jan 16      Seed Bead Class     Heart Bracelet

Jan 17      Wire Class               Turkish Knot

Jan 21      MLKing Day             Winter Sale

Jan 23      Seed Bead Class     Bead Smith

Jan 24      Wire Class                 Heart Necklace

Jan 26      Chain Maille Class    Persian 6 in 1

Jan 30      Seed Bead Class     Owl Bracelet

Jan 31      Wire Class                 Dream Catcher

Feb 6       Seed Bead Class      Beaded Bracelet

Feb 7       Wire Class               Dragon Pendant

Feb 13     Seed Bead Class     St Pat

Feb 14     Valentine’s Day       No Wire Class

Feb 18     President’s Day       Winter Sale

Feb 20     Seed Bead Class     Celtic Bracelet

Feb 21     Wire Class  Cabochon/crossed wires

Feb 23      Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

Feb 27     Seed Bead Class     No Class

Feb 28     Wire Class               No Class

Mar 6      Seed Bead Class     2-hole Beads

Mar 7      Wire Class               Painted Pendant

Mar 11    End of Winter Sale

Mar 13    Seed Bead Class      Embellished Cab

Mar 14    Wire Class        Viking Knit Cabochon

Mar 17    St Pat’s Day

Mar 20    Seed Bead Class     Spring Bracelet

Mar 21    Wire Class               Rings

Mar 23     Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

Mar 27    Seed Bead Class     Leather Wrap

Mar 28    Wire Class               Recycled Jewelry

Mar 30    Fifth Saturday

Apr 1       April Fool’s Day    Come get tricked?

Apr 3       Seed Bead Class     No Class

Apr 4       Wire Class               No Class

Apr 8       Spring Sale

Apr 10     Seed Bead Class     Beaded Bracelet

Apr 11     Wire Class               Riverstone

Apr 17     Seed Bead Class     Bead Smith

Apr 18     Wire Class               Butterfly

Apr 21     Easter                      Closed

Apr 24     Seed Bead Class      Beaded Earrings

Apr 25     Wire Class               Tree of Life

Apr 27      Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

Apr 27     King Day                  Dutch Auction










May 1      Seed Bead Class     Chevron Bracelet

May 2      Wire Class               Sea Glass

May 6      Spring Fling Sale

May 8      Seed Bead Class     Russian Leaves

May 9      Wire Class               Lizard Pendant

May 12    Mother’s Day          Closed

May 15    Seed Bead Class     Anklet

May 16    Wire Class                 Anklet

May 22    Seed Bead Class     Beaded Rope

May 23    Wire Class               Hair pin

May 25    Chain Maille Class    4 – 6 p.m.

May 27    Memorial Day         Closed

May 29    Seed Bead Class     Applique

May 30    Wire Class               Bird’s Nest

June 5      Seed Bead Class     No Class

June 6      Wire Class               No Class

June 10    Summer Sale

June 12    Seed Bead Class     Beaded Bracelet

June 13    Wire Class               Cabochon

June 16    Father’s Day            Closed

June 19    Seed Bead Class     3-D

June 20    Wire Class               Earrings

June 22    Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

June 26    Seed Bead Class     Beaded Ring

June 27    Wire Class             Wrapped Crystals

June 28    Fifth Saturday

July 3       Seed Bead Class       No Class

July 4       Independence Day Closed

July 8       Sunshine Sale

July 10     Seed Bead Class     Wavy bracelet

July 11     Wire Class           Hammered Copper

July 17     Seed Bead Class   Macrame Bracelet

July 17     Sidewalk Sale

July 18     Wire Class               Charm Bracelet

July 24     State Day

July 24     Seed Bead Class     3-D Flower

July 25     Wire Class       NH Wire Woven Bead

July 27     Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

July 31     Seed Bead Class      Beaded Bracelet

Aug 1       Wire Class        Fancy Clasp Necklace

Aug 5       Back to School Sale

Aug 7       Seed Bead Class      Beaded Bracelet

Aug 8       Wire Class               No Class

Aug 14     Bead Class         Turkish Rug Bracelet

Aug 15     Wire Class     Viking Weave Bracelet

Aug 21     Seed Bead Class     Bead Smith

Aug 22     Wire Class          LOR Elven Necklace

Aug 24     Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

Aug 28     Seed Bead Class     Netted Bracelet

Aug 29     Wire Class            Ring – wire woven

Aug 31     Fifth Saturday

Sept 2      Labor Day                Closed










Sept 4      Seed Bead Class     No Class

Sept 5      Wire Class               No Class

Sept 11    Seed Bead Class     No Class

Sept 12    Wire Class               No Class

Sept 16    Fall Sale

Sept 18    Seed Bead Class     Polymer Clay

Sept 19    Wire Class         Spider Web Bracelet

Sept 25    Seed Bead Class Halloween Bracelet

Sept 26    Wire Class               Chip Necklace

Sept 28    Chain Maille Class    4 – 6 p.m.

October   Support Local Charity Program

Oct 2       Seed Bead               Herringbone

Oct 3       Wire Class               Cabochon

Oct 9       Seed Bead               Beaded Feathers

Oct 10     Wire Class     Wire Weaving Bracelet

Oct 14     Columbus Day Sale

Oct 16     Seed Bead Class      Resin

Oct 17     Wire Class  Wrapped Bead Necklace

Oct 23     Seed Bead Class     Beaded Box

Oct 24     Wire Class               LA Wire Weaving

Oct 26     Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

Oct 30     Seed Bead Class     Fall Bracelet

Oct 31     Halloween                 Wire project

Oct 31     Party, Sale, No Wire Class

Nov 6       Seed Bead Class     Snowflake

Nov 7       Wire Class              NH Wire Weaving

Nov 11     Veteran’s Day         Military I.D. Sale

Nov 13     Seed Bead Class     Christmas Ball

Nov 14     Wire Class     Beaded Soldered Form

Nov 20     Seed Bead Class  Christmas Bracelet

Nov 21     Wire Class   Rustic Pendant/Earrings

Nov 23     Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.

Nov 25     Monday Thanksgiving Sale

Nov 27     Seed Bead Class     No Class

Nov 28     Thanksgiving           Closed

Nov 29     Black Friday Sale

Nov 30     Black Friday 2 day sale

Nov 30     Fifth Saturday

December Annual Food Drive All Month

Dec 4       Seed Bead Class Christmas Earrings

Dec 5       Wire Class               Angel

Dec 11     Seed Bead Class     Fancy Bracelet

Dec 12     Wire Class               Flower Pendant

Dec 13-14 Jeanne’s Jewelry Sale

Dec 13     12 Days of Christmas Sale

Dec 18     Seed Bead Class     Crystal Necklace

Dec 19     Wire Class        Square wrapped Cab

Dec 25     Christmas                Closed

Dec 26     Day after Christmas Sale

Dec 26     Wire Class               Crystal Necklace

Dec 28    Chain Maille Class   4 – 6 p.m.


Jan 1         New Year’s Day


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